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She Is Earth - Nichola - @my_rae_of_sunshine

We came across Nichola's beautiful Instagram page @my_rae_of_sunshine and felt instantly connected to her. Through her photos you get a glimpse into how she is practicing living in the moment, slowing down and living sustainably. What is more inspiring is that you get a sense that her beautiful daughter Isla is going to grow up with a wonderful respect for her environment....what a gift!

So grab a cup of tea, be in the moment and enjoy!

Tell us about the motivation to move to Australia.....and following your dreams?

Olly and I were fortunate enough to travel so much when we were younger, we both knew straight away Australia was where we wanted to raise a family, it's such an incredible country. It took a while for us to follow our dreams, we both loved our lives in the UK, but there was always such a pull for us to come back to Australia, we knew this was the right journey for us 

How did becoming a mother to beautiful Isla change you?

Becoming a parent has been the most humbling experience. It completely opens you up to a whole new level of love and vulnerability.

What's one message about the world that you want to teach Isla?

Never underestimate your impact on the world.

You actually introduced us to Alison Lester books......which is you favourite Alison Lester story and what makes her books so special to you?

Isn't she wonderful, such beautifully written books. For me Magic beach is everything childhood should be, filled with adventure, family and love.

You are obviously conscious about your purchases and your plastic use? How has this come about and what are some things you do on a daily basis to help reduce plastic use?

We just became more aware of our plastic use as a family and slowly started reducing it in our lives but it wasn't until we signed up for Plastic free July that we really felt accountable for all the waste we were sending to landfill! So what started as just bringing your own cup for a coffee and no longer using plastic bags turned into a whole overhaul of our way of life! We joined a community Green grocery that didn't wrap everything in plastic, we shop at the bulk food store for all our staples, we bought a bread maker and now bake our own bread, even the things we gift now, we try to give experiences over presents because eventually those things end up in landfill! At the end of the day I don't want my children and grandchildren to inherit a planet filled with rubbish!

When shopping for clothing or homewares do you read the labels and check what things are made from, or where they are made? If so what is it that you look for?

First off Australia has the best op shops!! Isla practically lives in op shop finds and hand me downs! We have a few lovely pieces from brands that produce ethically made items with minimum impact on the environment! These are the company's that we need to support! Their clothing may cost more in terms of money but the true cost of an item of clothing that costs ten bucks I can't even think about!

Tell us about the beach, what do you love about it, what's your favourite thing to do at the beach?

It's the place I feel most at home, I'm so drawn to the ocean! It's calming and energising at the same time! We're lucky to have the beach on our doorstep and so much of our time as a family is spent there, watching the sunrise snuggled under a blanket with a cuppa, running off all our energy, sunset dinners, surfing and just being.


Do you have any daily rituals that help ground you?

Time in nature everyday, it's usually at the beach or in the garden and remembering to take a few deep breaths now and then to make sure you're in the moment and not just on autopilot.

You love to explore the outdoors with Isla, why is this so important?

Children need time outside, somewhere to release all their energy and let their imagination run wild. But I feel it's especially important to let children see how much you love and respect nature and to foster the same feelings in your child.

You have a love for pottery and often comment on things made slowly with love. Can you elaborate on this a little and also tell us what living slow means to you?

Drinking your tea or eating your lunch from something that was made by hand makes that small occasion so much more special. I love having character and texture in my homewares and I love supporting local artists. Generic, mass production just feels a little soulless. Slow living for me comes back to being present. Appreciating each moment for what it is and not trying to jump ahead to the next thing.

Who inspires you to live a beautiful and happy life whilst chasing your dreams……and why?

I have such a beautiful circle of women in my life that inspire me daily, each is carving a path for themselves and their families that really aligns with their beliefs. I'm so inspired by families who choose to educate their children differently, especially when it involves travel.



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  • Fiona Gunn: June 24, 2018

    Wow – what a truly beautiful read. I’m so lucky to be able to call this lady my best friend. Although we are on the otherside of the world, she still fills me with inspiration. I was lucky enough to spend Christmas with Nic, Olly and Isla last year and had a small insight to the lives they lead now. Coming home was the hardest thing and still miss them incredibly but I came home with a wealth of new knowledge and began making small changes in my life that have made me a better person and a better mumma. Making memories with my precious long awaited boy is my main proirity in life now and teaching him to love himself and the world we live in no matter what ? #proudbestfriend

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