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She Is Earth - An Introduction

'She is Earth' is conscious living, slow living, love, discovery, journey, adventure, nurture - you. Through a series of interviews with some incredible women, we hope to inspire you to walk your own 'She Is Earth' path. Take a journey of self discovery, be open to change and find some beautiful inspiration. This isn't about changing everything or anything.....these women represent 'She Is Earth' in many different ways. This is about a community of women being open and honest to give a little insight into how they are living their lives. How they live consciously, how they have fun and how they do - 'She is Earth'.......Let the journey begin!

she is earth


But first......a little about us!

Jess & Michelle

What is 'She is Earth'?


For me 'She is Earth' is about connecting with my childhood. Slow living wasn't something we strove for it just was. I grew up in a small town where on the weekends as soon as it was 12pm on a Saturday everything stopped (That now seems like bliss). This brought such a sense of calm and peacefulness and whenever I go home I still feel it. I think its about finding that balance in life where life can slow down, things don't always have to be convenient and you can start to see the beauty in the world around you. By slowing down and looking at how we live we can start to see how important it is to take care of ourselves and our environment and to just enjoy the simple things in life.


For me "She is Earth" is getting sandy hair, salty skin and being in the ocean every day.  It's being not afraid of adventures and having an appreciation for the environment and the outdoors.  It's also about taking the convenience out of everyday life - because that's when magic happens.  Being creative and making something is far more special than going and buying something new.  Riding or skating to the shops along the beach is so much more fun than hopping in the car and driving, and buying bulk food to eliminate packaging is so much better for the environment.  Growing up in my family these were things we did every day.  And it wasn't until I got older that I realised the effort that my family put into teaching me an appreciation of the smaller things in life. 

she is earth

she is earth


In your life, what is your version of 'She is Earth'?


Becoming a parent has definitely shifted my perspective and given me a real grounding. You really do start to see the magic in the world again and you just want to share it all with your kids. So we take our girls on mini adventures, we are always at the creek or the beach, we love to chase waterfalls, go on hikes and just be outside. We hope this will nurture a connection within them with the ocean and the earth and that they will develop a great respect for our Mother Earth.

We also get them out in the garden and absolutely love it when they get excited to pick the veggies that they planted....getting them to eat it though...another battle entirely! As both my husband and I grew up surrounded by farming we have an appreciation as to where food comes from. We want to ensure that our girls understand where food comes from and respect the work that goes into bringing it to your plate. I am also slowly detoxing our house and ditching the plastic, this has been a journey! Lastly, I try to practice gratitude daily and when at times (quite often) I feel overwhelmed I think of all that I am grateful for.

she is earth


My husband and I have just reached a real point of contentedness in our lives.  We feel really lucky to have our beautiful daughters, we've got a great work life balance and we're becoming more and more environmentally conscious and we hope this will influence our girls to live a conscious life. While we once strove for more money so that we could buy a newer car, or build a bigger house - now all we strive for is time with our beautiful family.  Our little family often go on camping adventures so that we can teach our kids life skills, so they can see amazing landscapes, so that they appreciate the environment and they love being outside.  We don't go many days without seeing the beach - for me it is so grounding even just to be able to look at the ocean - and one of my biggest hopes is that as a family, we can all enjoy and appreciate the ocean together. Our happiest days are when we go surfing out the front of our house, followed by a coffee at the local and then spend the day at home in the garden......often with a glass of wine in hand and some music playing.  It's not a place we've always been and we still have hopes and dreams and goals - things we want to achieve and things we want to have - but we're in no hurry.......these things will come.



she is earth


What are some things you are still inspiring towards in your 'She is Earth' journey:


'She is Earth' is about so many different things and each persons journey is completely different (which is why it is so awesome). Therefore I will be the first to admit that as much a love to live simplistically I am also not immune to commercialism. Yes I do love to (at times) have the best of something or the prettiest! So I try to balance this out with equal amounts of second hand and homemade things around my home. Along side this I am also slowly striving to find some time to just be me. My grounding is to train and be fit and when I am, I  have a lot more self love. Since having my third child this is something that has been a bit of a struggle. However it is something that I will achieve as I want my girls to have self love and be ok with who they are. I want them to have a mum that guides them to live contentedly, happily and respectfully.


I’m a big believer in alone time.  Time to just sit in my own company, feel, smell, hear and just be.  I know that when I get to do this I’m the best version of myself.  I don’t want to lose my identity and just become a mum… that’s what I’m striving for most at the moment – to take some time out for me to do yoga, go for a surf or skate and just be me. One of my biggest goals for my family and my girls is to teach them some perspective in this world.  To teach them to respect other cultures, learn from them, be resourceful, be creative and really to just be whoever they want to be.  I want them to live a life of fulfillment and happiness - not because they have material things, but because they have adventure in their hearts and beautiful people around them.  I also want to teach them to feel self worth and to embrace fears of failure.....because when you believe in yourself you can do anything.

she is earth

she is earth




  • Stacey Mochalski: September 14, 2017

    Old friends… what beautiful and mindful words. I agree totally with the need to connect and slow down. Children certainly do change us and it is so so lovely to see you both with your beautiful daughters. Mwah mwah take care ladies and continue your outstanding work. Love always Stak xx

  • Lou Martin: September 11, 2017

    What a great read! Thanks so much for sharing your story and your goals for the future. You are both amazing, inspiring women – looking forward to the next post ?

  • Anna Cross: September 10, 2017

    Sometime I get blown away by pure beauty and awe inspiring women, you two wonderful ladies are that to a tee. What a lovely journey you are taking us all on. The best is yet to come xxxx

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