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Kate Caddle - She is Earth Series

As a love fueled life coach, speaker and writer, Kate has been a part of the transformation of thousands of women over the world.  She's worked alongside wellness industry leaders such as Melissa Ambrossini, Nat Kringoudis, Angela Simson, The Daily Guru, and Fernwood Fitness, and has had her work featured in the likes of The Daily Telegraph, my body& soul, and The Herald Sun. 
With over 10 years experience in helping women feel beautiful in their own skin, she still cherishes every moment she spends connecting with women.  
We have had the pleasure of meeting Kate through Instagram and through her intimate events and we are so glad we had the opportunity to ask her some questions for our first She is Earth series.


Tell us a little bit about did you come to find your inner peace and what has fuelled your fire to live a life you love? Can you remember a light bulb moment that made you realise you needed to change career paths and pursue your dreams?

I had a series of health issues come to light back in 2012 and for a couple of years before that, and I was in a really fear based mindset because of it. I went along unconsciously, just doing as I was told to by health professionals. But I wasn’t well. My symptoms had subsided but I was happy and vibrant, like I had been before.

Once day I was reading an article about the late Jess Ainscough and her story of thriving with Cancer completely drew me in.  I was hooked, and I started cleaning up my life with my food.

Naturally, as usually happens, when I cleaned up my diet and relationship with food, I begun to look deeper into who I am. I opened myself up to spirituality, and begun to develop my own belief system from a beautifully heart centred place - as a reformed people pleaser, this was a huge step in my journey.

Throughout that period of my life I was running my own hair and makeup business, and was extremely busy with my work. I love it for a long time, until I didn’t. The depth of what I was experiencing personally no longer matched what I was doing for work, and so I decided to become a life coach.

Since studying I have refined myself to particularly work with women in the area of self belief. Letting go of people pleasing, comparison and jealousy, and opening themselves up to a life more beautiful than they could imagine.

I’m very grateful that I have come to the place I’m at now and that I get to support women on their own journeys, every single day.

We love that you talk about people joining your soul squad and that what you do brings you joy. What gives you the most satisfaction or joy in your business?

The moments where I feel most satisfied, and usually have tears streaming down my face are when my clients have their moments of clarity. To the outside world it might seem like a simple statement to say ‘I’m happy being who I am’, but to watch that evolve over time, and then to be said straight from the heart is so moving.

I want every woman to realize that she is incredible right now, as she is.  


What advise would you give to women wanting to reconnect with their inner self and find their beauty within?

Commit to yourself. Women are incredibly talented at committing to just about anything, except themselves! Our relationship with ourself is just like any other. It requires you to show up, and put in the effort. And in the beginning it’s definitely difficult for everyone, otherwise I wouldn’t have a job!

Commit to doing something for yourself every single day for a month. It doesn’t have to big, just show up.

And the second thing is to seek out support. Join a self love program, speak to your loved one about it, or ask for the support of a coach. Having someone there to pick you up when if seems like to much effort is incredibly powerful.

If you need help to get started I have a free self care ebook on my site that you can download.

You often refer to gratitude grounding you. Can you give us a little insight into how you practice gratitude?  Do you set-aside time daily to practice gratitude and do you have some advise on how to incorporate it into your life?

Gratitude is incredibly powerful for bringing us into the present, instead of constantly grasping for more stuff. At this point gratitude has found it’s way into my life in lots of ways. It’s quite natural for me now.

However if you’re starting out, I recommend creating a ritual around it. Get your hands on a gratitude journal, or a notebook, and either write three things you’re grateful for just before bed, or first thing in the morning.

Another great way to get your family involved is to share something you’re grateful for at meal times. This is perfect for kiddies, and they come out with the cutest stuff!

In a world where we are constantly told to have more and buy more, tell us about slowing down; not listening to those cues to find happiness through consumption and instead finding happiness within.

It’s a poisonous cycle, and I’m by no means a minimalist, but I know that if we are constantly looking for the next best thing, a car, a holiday, an outfit or a partner, there’s something out of alignment within.

I believe we’re actually chasing a feeling, and on some level we believe that attaining something will give it to us. But we couldn’t be more wrong. We have an infinite source of joy within us, but we have to slow down and tune into it, and we have to do the work.

For some many people they would rather just keep pushing, and accumulating more instead of pausing and building a relationship with themselves.

I believe the key is to build a foundation of love and joy within, and everything else is a cherry on top! And this all start with self love.

If you had to give someone advice about slowing down and living consciously, what would it be?

Do something for yourself everyday, even when you feel like you don’t have time - in fact that’s when you need it more!

It’s about the long game, you won’t get results right away, but you’re in this body for a lifetime, why not get comfortable there?

I’m a firm believer in investing in myself, and I will my whole life I want to expand and grow and I have a real curiosity for life. I know I want to reflect back on my life and be proud of who I was, not what I had.

You are so inspirational in your spiritual wellbeing however we understand that you had to work with your physical health and well being this year. Are you able to tell us a little about your journey to healing yourself?

Thank you! It’s been so vast, and very layered, and I’m definitely not one to sugar coat it. This work is not linear and the moment we think it is, we become unstuck. I prefer to think of life moving in seasons. Seasons of growth, expansion, retraction, fun, compassion, self love etc.

And yes, I’ve had a wild ride, multiple failed IVF cycles, miscarriage, adrenal fatigue, and a couple of thrown in for good measure. But the thing is I always trusted that is was a phase.

At the start of 2017 my husband and I attempted IVF for what we decided would be the final time, and it was physically very challenging on my body compared to previous rounds, and I ended up with adrenal fatigue for many months after.

Anyone who has had adrenal fatigue will know how frustrating it is to be completely depleted all the time. The answer for me, was allowing myself to rest, and heavily investing in myself.

It’s August now, and I feel the healthiest and most vibrant I have in a very long time. And I know that is because I listen to the cues of my body, and what it wanted and I acted on them, even when my head told me differently. In my experience I believe that true healing comes when we allow our bodies the space to do what they were built to do!

You are renovating your house - tell us a bit about where you like to find pieces for it and what's your favourite room so far and why?

Oh I love this question! I’m LOVING renovating our home, it’s such a beautiful experience! My style is quite clean and somewhere between coastal and modern bohemian, but there might be something else mixed in there too - I always struggle to define it!

I love sourcing things from all over, and we have a real mix! I have a beautiful authentic moroccan wedding blanket on our bed that came from Kim Soo in Bali when we were on holiday there last year, and it’s my most prized piece, it’s so beautiful!

I also love Etsy for handmade pieces. St Barts is also a favourite. But I also have things from Ikea, Kmart and some handmade pieces of my home. I think the most beautiful homes can’t be read in a glace, and incorporate lots of different pieces from lots of different places!

At the moment our master bedroom, wardrobe and ensuite are my favourite! Although my laundry is a close second!

Can you share with us any goals and dreams you are hoping to achieve in the next year?

This might be surprising, but for a coach, I struggle to look too far ahead!

My focus at the moment is to lovingly growing my business in a way that supports the type of life I want to live, to invest in my relationship with my husband - I don’t just want a good relationship, I want it to thrive, and to continue to build my health and open up to other ways of mothering a child.

But who knows what’s around the corner!!

Lastly….Who or what inspires you to live the life you love ……. and why?

In the most loving way, I inspire myself. I obviously have outside influences who give me motivation, but when I feel full alignment and flow in my life, I know I’m on purpose. And those moment inspire me to go back there!

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