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Blaze Reedy for She is Earth

I live close to Blaze, so we see each other on days at the beach with our kids and have formed a friendship around that.  She is someone who works hard on slowing down, being mindful and enjoying conscious living with her family.  She is a mindfulness health coach, a wonderful mother and is now launching a children's clothing label -  Harper and Harlow - full of organic linen and hemp blend clothes for your littles. With earthy tones and conscious manufacturing this brand is going to be a winner!  We interview Blaze about the launch of her new brand, her journey so far in motherhood and living in the moment.


As a nutrition health coach we love your philosophy on slowing down, respecting yourself and nourishing your body. Can you give us an insight on how you practice each of these in your own life?

I find they all integrate into the same thing in a way. I always come back to having a gratitude practice and making choices based on kindness because those two tolls have helped me learn to truly respect my body and in turn nourish it accordingly. Life in the slow lane is so blissful and not always possible so I do try to start my mornings walking on the beach and mediating as it helps me to remain present and calm amongst what can sometimes be crazy and chaotic. I guess the biggest thing I do and I do work hard at this because it's been the game changer for me, is I try to create space in my life so I can go slow and be mindful. When my life starts heading in the direction of a huge to do list I don’t feel nourished or like I’m actually showing myself respect. Honouring where I’m at without judgment so if I need to rest doing that and if I need to adjust the schedule by saying no to things then I will.

-Self care

-Whole foods

- Staying kind


Any go to meals that are quick and easy that you want to share?

This one is tough as I love food and enjoy cooking. My long-standing obsession is roasted cauliflower: Cut cauliflower in to florets, cover in olive oil, smoky paprika, nutritional yeast flakes and roast until slightly crunchy on the outsides. Serve with fresh herbs and slivered almonds.

Soups and smoothies are so delish and so easy I always add as many veggies as I can to both those things. You can disguise so much nutrition into a smoothie, add frozen peas, spinach even cauliflower to your fruit and nut milk base.

she is earth


Tell us about your brand of children’s wear that you are launching.......And what is your motivation behind Harper & Harlow the Label?

When we (Myself and darling friend who is the other half of the business) first set out to create Harper & Harlow the Label we wanted to create a label that was respectful to the environment, ethically made, beautiful to wear and that would last. After a long journey in the creation/sampling process we are feeling so excited with the final product.

It's all natural fabrics (organic where possible), the designs are made to grow with your children, and it's made totally ethically. We actually have been working on it for 18 months taking the whole slow fashion to another level!!

We really wanted to create something that was aligned with our values and we are pretty pleased with the outcome. Ultimately we want to instil a deep love and respect for the environment in our girls and future generations and bring back the mentality that things should last not just be disposed of. Becoming mothers we realised that there is just so much waste when it comes to kids. It's easy to fall into disposable fashion for our children because they do tend to grow out of their clothes, which is crazy because the impact on the environment from that is huge. Our designs were created with that in mind. We wanted each piece to grow with a child so they can wear it for a long time and it can be passed through to siblings and for generations. That’s the incredible thing about natural fibres like linen, hemp and bamboo; they withstand heavy duty wear and also break down.

Harper and Harlow

We also wanted to do it all ethically, we are so lucky to be working alongside a legend of a women who is our manufacturer, a mother of two who owns her own factory that employs and supports her family. Her love and passion is so aligned with ours and our philosophy.

We are just so excited to be finally launching and can happily say that every piece is created and made by Mums all doing it from a heart centred space.

Harper and Harlow

Harper and Harlow

Harper and Harlow

Harper and Harlow


You are a wonderful mother to lovely Harper. How has becoming a parent influenced you wanting to live a slow and conscious life?

Oh thank you that is a lovely thing to say! Being her mother is such an incredible gift. How much it’s influenced me to want to slow down and live my life from a place of mindfulness is profound. They grow so fast and we really only get the moments that are in front of us. It's amazing when you allow it, but being a parent is the gift of mindfulness. Mother hood has been such a gift for me; I’m so much more aware of the impact my decisions make and also how I choose to spend my time as it becomes so precious. Saying yes to something means you're choosing to say no in another area of your life so make sure what you're doing brings you joy or more time for those things that make you happy. 

Blaze for she is earth


Do you have any tips for conscious living?

Research your decisions; every single person makes a difference. Small changes create big impact. Whether that’s changes in your wellness, your environmental impact of trying to simplify areas of your life so you can live a slow conscious life.

- Mindfulness: You literally can practice it any time of the day you don’t need anything else but you choosing to be in the present moment.

- Be kind as often as you can. That’s including to yourself. I think people forget that how they speak and act towards themselves has such an impact.

- Be really aware about your environmental footprint as it’s amazing how much you can adjust your life easily to make a huge difference. Start with small commitments and you will be so blown away how quickly they add up.


What do you do when you need some time to yourself? How do you stay grounded?

Nature is the key for me. It resists everything. Have you ever walked away from the housework and just gone to the beach? It's totally liberating! Self care is massive. I notice when I haven’t been putting it high on my priorities. I believe for me self care is as important as the food I eat and I reset by going to the beach, doing yoga or mediating...….I also really enjoy a good podcast.

Cooking has such grounding tolls for me. There's something about making a big nourishing meal for myself and my family that is so rewarding.


Oh we're always on the lookout for good podcasts.  Any you would recommend?

- I can't recommend Bruce Lipman enough. The Hay House World Summit episode of his is amazing. 
- Berne Brown Rising Strong and Thich Nhat Hanh on the Oprah Super Soul 
- Bullet Proof radio for Health Hacks
- Jordan B Peterson 
- Melissa Ambrosini's show has some seriously epic guests on it.
- Stuff You Should Know is a good general one
- I'm really enjoying How Do You Sleep at Night.
- Conscious Conversations has some good episodes as well.
Ok so I've got completely carried away and I haven't even scratched the surface of the recommendations!!


Lastly, do you have a favourite quote, mantra or someone in particular who inspires you?

Oh my gosh, how do I choose just one!

I'm so inspired by the Mums in my life.  They are so graceful kind and yet doing epic stuff and raising their children peacefully...…...Actually all the people I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by are such great humans who inspire me so so much.

"The world changes according to the way we people see it, and if you alter even by a millimetre the way a person looks at reality you can change it" Wise words by James Baldwin.


You can find Blaze at or and give her a follow @harperandharlowthelabel



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