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4 Ways to Ditch the Plastic

Let's just get straight into it shall we?  Because the quicker we can do this the better for our oceans.  We as consumers can make a change - each and every day.  Small change, big difference!
1.  Don't feel like a fool to say no to straws.  I've started asking for no straw with my smoothies and it makes the retailer think.....maybe there's a better alternative?  Maybe we should be trying to act a little more responsibly in our business because that's what people want.  If we don't say no, we're not using our voice and the retailer won't feel they need to change.  So get your reusable straw, and say no.
2.  Take containers to the butcher, and the takeaway shop.  There's no need to wrap something in single use plastic when we can put it in a container.  Yes this might be a plastic container but it's not single use and it can be used over and over and over.  When you call for takeaway let them know you'll bring your own container.
3. Use beeswax wraps.  Check out our DIY beeswax wraps blog for a quick how to.  It's really easy and you're wrapping your food in natural wraps instead of plastic.  They're easy to clean and will last you for around a year.  
4.  If you forget your plastic bag at the grocery store, ask for a box, or put your groceries back in the trolley and load them in your car. Leave bags and a box in your boot so even if you forget to take them in to the store, you can load your groceries in them in the car and carry them inside. Yes it will take a bit more time, but I don't think I need to tell you how detrimental plastic bags are on our environment.  Use a little creativity and don't use plastic bags.
Ok that's it.  These are things that we have implemented into our daily lives and it feels amazing to be curbing this plastic habit.  We hope you give these a go and let us know what you think.
Oh and if you want to reduce the amount of waste that enters our oceans, here's a great clean beach initiative...... Take 3 for the Sea .........
Jess and Michelle xx


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